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Intended Parents


The family-building experience using IVF should be one filled with joy and gratitude - joy that is the timeless miracle of childbirth and gratitude for how far IVF has come in the last 25 years. Unfortunately, the on-the-ground reality can be a sobering distraction to even the most resolute parent.

Despite the best efforts of your team of professionals, all the screenings and vetting in the world can still leave the process vulnerable to the unpredictable whims and currents of Mother Nature.

Some days are smooth sailing, other days are a rocky road. We know because we’ve been intended parents ourselves. And because we’ve been there we can be there for you, helping to smooth over those stressful days and insure that the overall journey is a happy and positive one for you and your egg donor. At J baby, we’ve built our agency from the ground up on core values we’ve identified and incorporated into our working ethos.

We Want to Be Your Team Leader

Much of the bare-bones work of any egg donor agency is effectively and efficiently coordinating and balancing the sometimes conflicting demands of your team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and lawyers with your own personal concerns, and those of your egg donor.

As you can well imagine, much of this coordination is highly time-sensitive. Schedules can be unforgiving. Meds have to be delivered on time, regimens strictly adhered to, and monitoring appointments fully respected. What we in the business refer to as “managing the cycle” requires a deft touch and strong organizational skills. At J baby we happily embrace the role as your team leader, acting as the responsible intermediary between all these disparate parties. We learned early on to respect the power of the process or risk being humbled by it. That’s why we’ve made the conscious decision to limit the number of egg donor cycles we oversee at any given time. By keeping the workload manageable we can make sure that the details never get away from us and are executed in a drama-free zone with a cool, calm and professional demeanor.

A Turn-Key Team Solution

We have worked with some of the most highly regarded IVF professionals in the business. These include the clinicians, doctors, psychologists, geneticists, and lawyers you will need to help you build your family. We’ve already done the due diligence so you won’t have to. Already committed to an IVF clinic? No problem, there’s a good chance we’ve already worked with them. And if not, we’ll quickly establish a solid professional working relationship so no need to worry.

Accessibility, Care and Compassion

At J baby, we are well aware that issues and concerns don’t always respect the hours of 9-5. That’s why, upon registration, we provide all of our Intended Parents with our personal cell phone numbers so that we are available when you may need us the most. This for us is not only a practical concession but one that we see as highly symbolic of the kind of relationship we hope to establish with everyone of our parents as well as their respective egg donors. It signals a level of commitment, care and compassion we hope you will take comfort in over the long haul that is the egg donation process.

Equal Time for Your Egg Donor

Let’s face it, the cornerstone of every egg donation agency is the egg donor herself. We are constantly left in awe of these young women who, out of a true desire to want to help, rise to the occasion on behalf of their Intended Parents. This is both a selfless and courageous act as it frequently requires them to step outside of their conventional cultural comfort zones. That is why at J baby we go out of our way to shower your egg donor with the love, attention and the respect we believe she deserves. A happy egg donor who is treated well translates into an egg donor who becomes more emotionally invested in the overall process and in its successful outcome. And that can only be a good thing.

Freedom of Choice

At J baby we believe in freedom of choice. We have found in our experience that there is no one single ideal template for what an egg donor should look like. Some intended parents value educational achievement, others certain physical attributes. One size does not fit all. It is for that reason we strive to offer as wide a selection of quality egg donors to our future parents as possible. While all of our egg donors are beautiful inside and out, they are each uniquely their own person and it is this individuality which we believe will draw the perfect egg donor to you.

Unparalleled Level of Service

We enjoy being very hands-on in every aspect of the egg donation process. Providing an unprecedented level of service to our Intended Parents, egg donors and the entire egg donation team is what fulfills us. We get to know personally, as much as possible, each and every egg donor who we make available to our Intended Parents. They become a part of our extended family. When necessary, we’ve even been known on many an occasion to pick up and drive an egg donor to her clinical appointment. Establishing such a trusting, close rapport with our egg donors not only makes signing up with our agency a more attractive option for them but for us simply seems like the right thing to do.

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We have worked with some of the most highly regarded IVF professionals in the business. These include the clinicians, doctors, psychologists, geneticists, and lawyers you will need to help you build your family.