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Intended Parents


Breakdown of Professional Fees for the J baby Egg Donation Program. Please note that some of the following fees are variable depending on certain factors, such as whether the egg donor is local to the cycling clinic. They are presented here for the purpose of helping to provide you with an estimate only of final costs. Once we know the specifics of your egg donor we can help you flesh out the actual costs.

J baby Agency Fee - $10,000.00

Stage 1 - $3,000.00 payable upon signing of the retainer agreement.

Stage 2 - $7,000.00 payable upon the egg donor being medically cleared.

Egg Donor Compensation Fee - $6,000.00-$15,000.00

A number of factors influence the egg donor’s fee including whether the donor is a first-time or experienced egg donor, level of education completed, IQ scores, etc. All fees are in accordance with recommendations made by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

Egg Donor Assessment Fees - $950.00

Psychological Screening - $600.00

Genetic Screening - $350.00

IVF Cycle Complication Insurance Premium - $400.00

Provides protection from complications arising from the IVF cycle for your egg donor. (Additional insurance coverage is available at your request.)

Legal Fees - $1800.00

Egg Donor Attorney’s Fee - $400.00

Intended Parents Attorney’s Fee - $1000.00

Trust Account Management Fee - $400.00

Travel Expenses - Varies by location. TBD.

If egg donor is not local to the cycling clinic: Includes cost of air travel for your egg donor and her travel companion, per diem, and hotel.

Medical/Clinical Fees - Variable (depending on clinic)

Includes: Egg donor medical screening fees. Medications for your egg donor. Outside monitoring fees (if donor is not local to the cycling clinic). Medical fees associated with a single cycle egg retrieval procedure. (Please consult with your clinic’s business office or with J baby for an estimated cost of these fees)


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