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The focus on Japanese and other Asian egg donors may seem like an unlikely combination upon which to build an egg donor agency, but not when you know the backstory of Michael Lacoe and Kenji Saito. Michael is Jewish and Kenji is Japanese and even though they come from very different backgrounds they soon discovered they shared a similar dilemma that was to become a common cause and the motivating factor behind the establishment of J baby as the egg donor agency of choice for Jewish and Asian egg donors.

In 2011, Kenji began taking the tentative steps of putting together the team of doctors, egg donor and surrogacy agencies, and lawyers to make real his dream of creating a family for himself. Navigating the IVF gauntlet would be intimidating and stressful to anyone unfamiliar with the IVF process. Factor in the language and cultural differences and these difficulties are compounded significantly as Kenji was soon to discover. But though challenging it was well worth the effort and soon he had assembled some of the smartest and most talented professionals in the business. It wasn’t long before he was assisting friends from Japan who similarly wanted to come to Los Angeles and take advantage of IVF treatment options to support their dreams of having a family.

So personally fulfilling did he find this work that in 2012 Kenji decided to formally launch J baby as a full-fledged concierge service providing access to IVF clinical services and complete turnkey logistical solutions to Japanese Intended Parents who wished to utilize treatment options that were not available in their home country. in addition to the practical expertise, perhaps even more importantly J baby was able to become a sort of Ambassador of Goodwill offering a nurturing joyful experience while acting as an effective bridge between two very different worlds to their valued parents-to-be.

Unfortunately a missing link soon emerged in the challenge posed in finding qualified Japanese egg donors at any of the established egg donor agencies. Out of necessity J baby began recruiting quality Japanese egg donors for their Intended Parents who were not able to use their own eggs to conceive a child. Soon Kenji was being approached by frustrated Japanese-American Intended Parents who had heard about J baby through the grapevine and were in desperate need of help in finding Japanese egg donors.

Simultaneously, Michael was hitting a similar brick wall trying to find an appropriate Jewish egg donor in his own early efforts to start a family. It turns out that the two hardest-to-find demographics are Jewish and Japanese egg donors. Who knew? So in 2015, built on a sincere desire to want to fill this void ease the burden of others who were facing a similar conundrum, Michael and Kenji decided to join forces and turn J baby into a full service egg donor agency specializing in Japanese, Jewish and other Asian egg donors.

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Latest Success Stories

As my wife and I needed to find a suitable egg donor for us September 2015, our nurse from our clinic recommended J baby to us. During the first period of getting in touch with clerks in J baby, I found that Michael, one of the founders, replied my every email in time. They found a potential suitable Japanese egg donor for us quite quickly, as they have many candidates in their database. When we finally met in October 2015 to settle down the contract details, I could see that Michael and Kenji showed the most enthusiasm of their work. They are warm-hearted, considerate and professional. Michael shared his own working experiences to comfort our anxious feelings about the egg donation. During the whole process, we asked a lot of questions by emails and phone calls, from the egg donation process to the methods of payments, and Michael patiently answered all of them with the most detailed explanations and instructions. He and Kenji also helped us with communicating with doctors and lawyers. They are a well-organized team with the most efficient work. I think we are in good hands. The retrieval of egg happened in middle of December 2015, and the result was good. Now my wife and I are expecting a healthy angel born this year. To review the journey we experienced from the beginning, I think we are so lucky to choose J baby as our agency. Thank you, my dear friends, for all of your works.
February, 2016

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