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Egg Donation: Should I Do It For the Money?

The whole issue of money and becoming an egg donor is kind of shied away from for open discussion--but it shouldn’t be. This is as good a question as any for you, our egg donor candidate, to consider, which is why we’re taking it on. The reality is that it is very possible that you are doing this for the money. There’s no shame there and it shouldn’t be taboo to talk about. As we will discuss, the real shame would be in not fully embracing the true benefits that the egg donor experience has to offer.


Why is Donating Eggs Compensated?


In some respects, becoming an egg donor is just like taking on any other job with certain defined responsibilities. You are performing a service for which you are being paid an agreed upon fee for your time and effort by the intended parents J baby pairs you with.


For this fee, you are expected to make a serious commitment to the process. That means showing up on time for your medical appointments, taking your fertility medications as prescribed, and being steadfastly honest about a variety of questions regarding your past. So just like any job, a certain level of professionalism is demanded. See how the egg donation process works.


What Compensation Can Egg Donors Expect?


Egg donor compensation varies, with limits, from one egg donor to another, because each egg donor has a different set of life experiences that accrue a different monetary value. For instance, having proven educational or professional accomplishments on your resume, or whether you are an experienced egg donor or not, can increase your compensation rate because the intended parents are willing to pay the extra fee for your time and effort.


That being said, to say or imply that the IP is willing to pay you a higher fee for eggs that intrinsically have a higher value is a very slippery slope we as an agency choose not to go down. In our worldview, we staunchly believe that all healthy eggs--no matter who the egg donor or the specifics of her given background-- have equal value: that is to say, they are priceless. To J baby and our clients, your eggs represent the promise and possibility of life --  and of family. These precious commodities can never be equated with a mere price tag.


Becoming an Egg Donor: Looking Beyond the Paycheck


Sure, the money is good - but if egg donation just stays as a “paying gig” in your mind, you are missing out on true riches that will last a lifetime, long after the money is gone from any fees you are paid as an egg donor.


At J baby, we want to gift you with the incalculable aspect of being an egg donor that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life. This is a by-product of the realm of the unseen and the miraculous. You will provide your intended parents with something for which no amount of “thank yous” will suffice.


This is the true perk of the job that can never get talked about enough. Even though you may never meet the intended parents who are paying your fee, we hope you will feel that having acted as their egg donor is as selfless and intimate an act of giving as anything we can imagine.


The more you can embrace that reality, the more you can marinate in it, the sooner you will  come to realize that the true value of what you provide as an egg donor simply knows no limits of dollars and cents. Trust us when we make the promise that your take-away from this will provide you with positive memories, about the process and more importantly, good feelings toward yourself, that will last a lifetime.


The “M Word” is a nice perk, no doubt, but it shouldn’t be the last word when it comes to defining your role as an egg donor. At J baby, we understand if the pay opens your mind to egg donation, but we hope that the lifelong fulfillment we have talked about here will truly open your heart to helping intended parents by donating your eggs.

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